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We work hard to get the fit of your suit correct and do not charge for alterations in making adjustments to get the size right when you first order a suit. Once your size is correct we keep that information in your file and when you re-order you will get the right fit every time.

You can ship your suit to us by UPS for alterations, be sure to fill out our alteration form and include it with your suit. If your suit doesn't fit properly a picture is worth a thousand words. If you can take a quick photo with your suit on and show us where it doesn't fit it is very helpful but not required. Email to:

We do provide alterations for other needs on a case by case basis and will be glad to give you a quote. If you gain or lose weight, if you want a suit re-striped or if you have any other alteration needs just call our office at 800-832-6517.


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